Vicky Vette

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Vicky Vette

  • Liked 19 times
  • Viewed 11,633 times
  • Featured in 16 Videos
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Jun 12 1965
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121.25 lbs
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Vicky Vette is a blonde bombshell Norwegian pornstar who was born in June of 1965. She got her start in the adult industry a bit later than most, when at the age of 38 she submitted a photo to enter Hustler Magazine’s “Beaver Hunt” contest. By the time her layout for publication was shot, she was already 39 years old, but nonetheless hot is hot and after her photo spread was published in 2003, offers to appear in adult films poured in and her porn career was off and running. Prior to being discovered, Vicky worked in the corporate world and lived a double life, working a number crunching job by day and munching pussy as a raging swinger by night. The foray into the porn business changed her life and has allowed her to devote herself to getting off as a full time avocation, leaving the buttoned-down corporate world behind her. With her above average looks, 34DD breasts and the novelty of her advanced (for porn) age, she was in high demand, appearing in over 160 video titles and numerous photo spreads, and due to her unprecedented willingness to directly interact with her fans she has attracted a legion of devotees called the “Vette Nation Army” or VNA, the power of which was amply demonstrated when in 2007, Vicky entered a “Best Boobs” contest which allowed online voting and upon which her horde descended and handily swept her to victory. Ms. Vette’s performances also received industry recognition, including an AVN award for “Best Tease Performance” in 2005, XBIZ award nomination for “Web Babe of the Year” in 2010, Night Move Award for “Best MILF, Fan’s Choice” in 2010 and most recently she received an XBIZ Award for “Web Babe of the Year” in 2012. With the growing popularity of the MILF market niche, with Vicky Vette as it’s most visible and popular standard-bearer has given a new life to this former nine-to-fiver turned pornstar who while approaching 50 years old feels like she is just entering her sexual prime. As she describes it, “I can take on four 20 year-old guys and wear them out! Same for 20 year-old girls. Experience is valuable, men and women build up stamina and over the years. Orgasms get better and better, stronger and deeper; we become more comfortable with our bodies and are not afraid to express ourselves. We have enough confidence not to care if you think we are weird because we want you to stick a finger up our ass, or suck on our toes or whatever! We let it all hang out, make lots of noise and are not afraid to let you know that we want you. Or let you know that you're doing a good job, or how to do it better. Sex is simply better as you get older!” Viewing Vicky’s performances, it’s difficult to disagree with her.

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